DYNAMITE FARM - Where Life is "Udderly" a Blast!

Some More About Our (caprine) Family

Dynamite Farm is based on the belief that our goats are part of the family and we treat every one of them as a beloved pet ... because they are!

Happiness is a Double-Goat Hug!
We help our does raise their kids to be friendly, happy and well-adjusted with lots of hands-on training such as hoof trimming and walking on a lead, so they will be welcome at your home as unique pets or superior additions to your milking operation.

We keep all of our kids with their mothers to be dam-raised (unless it's a life-saving issue).  Babies receive daily attention and handling, so our dam-raised kids grow up healthier and just as friendly as bottle-fed babies!

Can We Keep This One?
Along with regular CD-T vaccines, copper bolusing, de-worming when required, and hoof trimming, we test annually for CAE/CL before each breeding season in order to keep these diseases from getting onto our farm, ensuring healthy goats for the next generation of milkers.

We look forward to introducing you to our small family of Nigerians, and if one of them chooses you, be prepared to lose your heart!

Please "contact us" for any questions regarding pricing or availability. We check our website and email daily.

Dynamite Farm is centrally located
35 minutes east of Columbus or
15 minutes west of Zanesville.

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